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BIG TIME FUN are experts at managing events, parties, raves, festivals large or small. We make sure your event is unforgettable by not only taking care of the organization and rentals, but by marketing and promoting it as well. Being residents of the Space Coast for over 10 years we know how to get an event noticed.


BTF realizes that each event is unique and may be in different stages of the planning process. This is why we create custom proposals based on the the following services. Please contact BTF directly so we can discuss our services and learn more about your vision.

What We Offer


BTF will assist you throughout the planning process from start to finish for your event or party. From assembling a team of vendors to designing the overall aesthetic, we provide advice and manage every detail of the function.


If you just need BTF to plan parts of your event we can help! Generally we find many clients want assistance in some of the design details, hiring and management of vendors and provide professional advice beginning months out from the function.

Remote Events

BTF can help you plan an event even if you aren’t from the Space Coast. With the additional logistics and production challenges that come along with multi-day events, plus having the event in an unfamiliar location, the event will need increased support from a trusted professional.

We Also Offer

Meetings designed to reflect the client’s needs process

Customized list based on personality, style and budget

Guidance in finding the perfect location